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The future of staking is transparent

A product built by stakers for stakers.


Introducing our staking dashboard — a premium analytics tool that provides direct insight into your staking operations.

The App

Designed to be transparent

The problems we solve

The current landscape for Ethereum Proof of Stake (PoS) looks like this: A handful of staking providers control the majority of staked ETH and there are limited data pipelines for stakers to easily assess validator performance. If you use a staking provider, you must rely on the data that provider chooses to give you, and if you solo-stake, you have limited options to plug into to track your activity. Additionally, the lack of independent resources makes it even harder to resist the convenience of going with one provider.


Our dashboard was designed to be transparent. We believe that users should have more control over their staking operations, be able to independently verify data and not have to rely on third-party staking providers for vital information. No matter how you choose to stake, our product provides reliable and consistent data that always meets institutional standards.


Key Features

Instantly Track Staking Rewards

  • Independently verify staking rewards. 

  • Separate Execution Layer rewards from Consensus Layer rewards.

  • Calculate average yield on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. 

Closely Monitor Validator Performance

  • Obtain deeper insights into validator performance.

  • Benchmark validator performance against the network average.

  • Quickly spot issues including missed attestations, when a validator goes offline and slashing events.

Meet Industry Standards for Financial Reporting 

  • Aggregates financial information that can be exported into a CSV file.

  • Supports multiple currencies including CAD, USD, EUR and GBP.

  • Meets institutional auditing requirements.

  • Tax-efficient and IFRS compliant.

How it works


Personalized Experience

Plug in your public validator keys and let our dashboard handle the rest. The beta version of our product pulls information from, an open-source Ethereum explorer. Having independent data sources is an important part of our roadmap, which is why we're working to gather information directly from the Ethereum network. 


Consistent Financial Data

Financial reporting can be a painful process, we get it. Our dashboard saves you time and money by aggregating and breaking down financial data related to your staking operations. It also tracks both execution layer and consensus layer rewards so you know exactly what you're earning.


Validator Insights

You'll never have to second guess how your validators are performing. Quickly spot issues including missed attestations or slashing events. We're working on building new features that provide deeper insights so you can ensure your staking operations remain as diversified as possible. Stay tuned!  

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About Us

Our Story

Motivated by the belief that users should control their data

The staking dashboard was initially built as an in-house solution when we began staking our ETH treasury. Now that Ether Capital has staked more than 36,000 ETH, we can confidently say that our dashboard played a vital role in helping us meet institutional auditing and reporting requirements. This is why we're proud to introduce our product to the world so others can benefit from it. 

Ethereum and other PoS blockchains are public, permissionless, and decentralized by design. The foundation of these protocols is built to service a new financial frontier, and staking is a vital part of maintaining the credible neutrality of these networks. 

Our mission is to develop the necessary tooling to allow people to leverage the transparency and auditability of blockchain infrastructure. We believe that for Ethereum to remain resilient, the staking ecosystem needs to be less concentrated and more diversified. Having direct insight into staking operations is the first step to reducing single points of failure and enabling a more secure network.

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